Who we are

The idea came about last summer (2016) when researching summer camps for my three children. I confided in a friend of mine, Brandi Stevens, who used to be a single mom working as a CEO of a healthcare company, traveling around the nation also searching for summer programs for her son.  

In first meeting Brandi, I quickly realized we are both very organized in our lives, type A personalities, but most importantly team players. We wanted the same goal, the best for our children during the summers to thrive over the three months of a long summer.  We wanted them to learn, to make friends, to try new things no matter the environment. We both had challenges in our lives, took risks and succeeded. We had a plan! After lots of brainstorming and planning (we do it really well) we came up with KAMPALOOZA!!!

We hope you are as excited about exploring new opportunities for these kids as we are! We have lots to offer and can't wait for February's event!

Hala Snyder and Brandi Stevens