Parent's Opportunity

Kampalooza is here to give each parent the opportunity to make informed decisions in finding a summer camp that best suits your child. 


Delegates from several camps in every category (learning centers, outdoor educational programs, summer schools, athletic camps, tutorial services, travel programs, churches, schools, sleepaway, etc.) will be available to provide previews of camp experiences to you and your children. Most of the camps are local, but there are several that will be at the event that are national or even international.   Our goal is to have you “Camp Your Summer” and not wait until the last minute to plan your children’s summer activities. 

At the end of the event, Kampalooza will be listing all the exhibitors that had booths at the event.  This will allow you the opportunity to go back and reexamine some of the camps that had booths at this year’s event.

This event IS the way to plan for your children’s activities throughout the summer. Don’t spend hours and hours online, surfing the net, when you can attend Kampalooza and have face-to-face conversations with camp delegates.

Campers - Why Go To Camp?

Although there is a million reasons to go to camp, we narrowed them down to our TOP SIX reasons, as we can’t fit all one million reasons here!!  

1. Most importantly - To Have FUN!
Going to camp and experiencing something new everyday is all about having a  great time.  You have so many choices of fun and picking out the fun never seemed so hard!   

2. Need a change
Many camps offer the time you need to create a change from the same ole same  ole and see something new.  You will see and experience a variety of NEW things, and discover how you think, feel, and act outside of your normal surroundings.  You need that break, don’t you?

3. Meet New People / Try New Things
Camps can give you a chance to get to know people locally from different  schools, nationally from different states, or even internationally from different countries. It’s a great way to make new friends and learn about different places, religions, food and cultures.

Most camps offer activities that you probably can’t do in your neighborhood. Like canoeing, horseback riding, hiking, archery, paddle boating, rock climbing.  Camping your summer, keeps your summer full of fun!  

4. Learn New Skills
The opportunity for learning many new skills can be accommodated by attending  amazing camps that will be showcased at our Kampalooza event.  You may learn something new that turns into your favorite hobby or even something you become very passionate about.  You will never know unless you try.  Certain camps can also help you develop important life skills like compromise, tolerance, independence, self-reliance, and confidence and being a team player.  All these characteristics will help you get through the challenges life offers.

5. Taking on a Challenge 
Not everything you sign up for at camp is easy…it’s not supposed to be!   Learning a new skill or pushing yourself to achieve something can be very rewarding.  You may not know what you can do unless you push yourself to succeed.   Creating that power within you gives you the confidence for taking on any challenge. 


6. Getting Out and Getting Healthy
Put down the remote control or the game remote and get yourself off the couch and go to camp!  All the outdoor and indoor activities offered by so many camps, not only gives you the knowledge of learning something new, but also keeps you moving and staying healthy.  Golfing, swimming, horseback riding, hiking, and playing sports are a great way to get exercise and keep your body and mind healthy.