A special opportunity

Kampalooza is here to give each parent the opportunity to make informed decisions in finding a summer camp that best suits your child. 

Delegates from several camps in every category (learning centers, outdoor educational programs, summer schools, athletic camps, tutorial services, travel programs, churches, schools, sleepaway, etc.) will be available to provide previews of camp experiences to you and your children. Most of the camps are local, but there are several that will be at the event that are national or even international.   Our goal is to have you “Camp Your Summer” and not wait until the last minute to plan your children’s summer activities.

At the end of the event, Kampalooza will be listing all the exhibitors that had booths at the event.  This will allow you the opportunity to go back and reexamine some of the camps that had booths at this year’s event.

This event IS the way to plan for your children’s activities throughout the summer. Don’t spend hours and hours online, surfing the net, when you can attend Kampalooza and have face-to-face conversations with camp delegates.